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The fully equipped high standard electronics lab of Servi-Tech is well known for years for its abilities and professionalism.

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The lab is equipped with all the new updated instruments and equipment in the market so we will be able to give an answer to any malfunction, overhaul, repair, tool fracture in a motion system, PLC, CPU, HMI and CNC.

The lab crew specifies in fixing: CNC controllers from the brands: Mitsubishi, Siemens, Okuma, Fanuc, Yaskawa, and Haidenhain. Machine Controllers from the brands: Toyo, Netstall, Arburg, Krauss-Maffei, Engel, Battenfeld and Sumitomo. Robot Controllers from the brands: Kawasaki, Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Rais, Sytrama, Remak and Wittmann. Engine Controllers from the brands: Yaskawa, KEB, Indramat, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Okuma, Fanuc, Shtruck-Mier, Lenze, Euro-Drive, ABB and Baumuller.

It is within the labs abilities to fix any kind of controllers, Encoders and proportional hydraulics commanders. The Lab also develops cards and equipment, including the use of microprocessors - according to the customer's requirements.

Servi-Tech has signed a partnership agreement with the World known company "Baumuller", there for we started to provide fix and support services for the company, in addition to our services for the competitors in the market.

Stock: New & Renewed Spare-parts

Servi-Tech holds a wide part stock for the common equipment; Parts for sale, replacement and temporary use of the client.

Shown below is a part of our stock, for further information, please contact us.


Motor Controller BUM60 12-24

Motor Controller BUS20

Motor Controller BUS20


Motor Controller VM7

Input/Output card

CNC Machine controller

PSU for motion control SM4.7

PSU for motion control SM6

PSU for motion control SM18


Output Module A03B-0801-C143

Motor Controller

Motor Controller A02B-0118-B006

Motor Controller A06B-6058-H334

Motor Controller A06B-6079-H301

Motor Controller A06B-6096-H301

Motor Controller B A06B-6093-H151

Spindle Motor Controller A06B-6088-H226

CNC Machine controller

PSU for A06B-6087-H130


PSU for motion control UVR 150D

Motor Controller UM 112D

Motor Controller UM 114D

Motor Controller UM 121D

Motor Controller UM 112


Axes controller for robot SEPRO CD1-K-P3


Speed controller F4

Speed controller F4 750W


Main card for I/O 501 I/O 502

Card for EK201, EK202, PR202, EK2

TFT Monitor CD400

Card for KR-101, 200

Card for PV-200

Card for SR-503

PSU for CNC Machine controller SC-60

Proportional valves cards BOSCH 0811405

Card SE-502

Card MC30X, MC310, MC301

Motor drivers for main screw SHTRUCK MAIER

Pictures are currently unavailable.

Motor drivers for main screw Baumuller

Pictures are currently unavailable.


Teach pendant P51


Spindle Motor Controller MDS-BS-PA-185

Spindle Motor Controller MPS-B-SP-110

PSU for Motor controller MDS-B-CV-185


Axis controller Simodrive 25A

PSU for Motor controller Simodrive 16-21KW

Motor Controller 12-25A

Motor Controller VSA 7

Motor Controller ציר 2X8A

Axis Controller 50A

PSU for Motor controller 10-25KW


PSU & Axes controller BUS-3

Axis controller FAS4038/W1

Axis controller Sanmotion - W0014376 QS1A03AA

PLC card forW6 + T032F,PI,CPU

PLC Crads for W7 - EP162,183,202,203

Teach pendants TB-02

Encoders EA 1832

Encoders EA 1832

Axis controller BUM60 BUM61 Fast

3 Axes controller EU173

Motors & Gears


Axis controller Servopack

Motor Controller

Axis controller CIMR-P5A27P5

Axis controller MR-J2-100A

PSU for CNC machine CPS-12N

Monitors for machines

Monitors for machines

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