Who we are...

Servi-Tech was founded in the year 2002 and today employs a professional crew with more than 25 years of experience.
Servi-Tech is giving services in Electronics, Machinery, Metal-Working, Robotics and Industry Automation - on all of its varieties.

What we do...

Servi-Tech will provide you with a complete solution for all your needs!


The electronics division provides our clients with field electrical, motion & control services in order to repair malfunctions & breakdowns on site for saving precious time and money!
Our experienced engineers are able to fix any motion system, HMI, PLC, CPU and CNC malfunctions.


The metal-working division provides an instant solution for urgent part series manufacturing, prototype builders & automation developers. Also, we offer precise metalworking for the machine building companies & a great solution for the metalworking factories that are looking for contractors in days of load, we provide additional solutions for thermal treatment and finishes.

Projects & Automation

The project division establishes automation projects by clients request and module S. The division contains our most senior and experienced engineers who specialize in robotic systems, automation & control and will be able to provide the best solution for your demands.

Products & Solutions

Servi-Tech is importing and distributing products of the most advanced manufacturers in the world, which specializes in: Industrial mechanization, CNC (metal working), plastic industries, robotics, motion & automation systems, safety systems and command & control systems.