Our robotic systems, automation & control specialists will be able to provide the best solution for your demands.
Our robotic systems, automation & control specialists will be able to provide the best solution for your demands.
The product line generalizes all the automation components for your needs.
Electronic Services
An answer to any malfunction, overhaul, repair, tool fracture in a motion system, PLC, CPU, HMI and CNC.
Engineering & Production
An instant solution for urgent part series manufacturing, prototype builders & automation developers.
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Who we are

Servi-Tech was founded in 2002 and specializes in providing solutions in the field of robot automation systems for the various manufacturing processes.

We at Servi-Tech understand that manufacturing processes are complex and varied, in the operation of the production process, in the product quality control, in the ongoing maintenance process and in the prevention of fracture. Therefore, Servi-Tech combines engineering, development, production and service departments to provide a comprehensive solution under one roof – from the design process to the final product at the customer’s site.

The building of Servi-Tech

We specialize in turn-key solutions for the industry and work hand in hand with the client, from defining the needs and requirements through conceptual and engineering planning, to production, assembly and accompaniment upon completion of the project. The integration of the robots and accompanying equipment of the companies represented by us saves time and costs and enables us to provide the customer with necessary support and spare parts.

Robots for a variety of applications: products’ handling, palletizing and packaging, assembly, welding and painting, robots for clean rooms, sorting and quality assurance using advanced vision systems, tailor-made applications.

We import and distribute products of the most advanced manufacturers in the world. The marketing division confederates over leading companies around the world, which specializes in: Industrial mechanization, plastic industries, robotics, motion & automation systems, safety systems and command & control systems. In fact the product line generalizes all the automation components for the 21st century. Everything you need – in one place

Standard systems are manufactured by Servi-Tech in the style of an off-the-shelf product for various industries

The high-tech electronics department has been known for years for its capabilities and professionalism. The department provides field services for electronic faults, command and control malfunctions – for all industrial equipment. In addition, we hold an innovative electronics laboratory equipped with all the most advanced tools. It is within our capabilities to handle any malfunction of electronic cards, motors, power suppliers, drivers, controllers, encoders, central control cards, various control cards, I/O cards, temperature controllers, displays, screens and touch screens of all kinds.

Engineering, manufacturing and assembling of devices and systems according to requirements and characterization, electro-mechanical assemblies and manufacture of parts in CNC machines and conventional machines of various sizes. All our products are inspected using advanced instrumentation and measuring instruments.

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